CASA Weather Station – A weather station website that I created for my employer, Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy, as a template and base for students to build upon. Students from my programming club have created versions of this site in the past. Currently, students in digital media courses are creating icons and graphics for usage on the page. The site is created using React and Node.js.

Emoti – A Chrome extension that allows users to easily save frequently used emoticons and insert them into text boxes, such as facebook statuses, tweets, or e-mails. Using Chrome’s storage API, users can sync their emoticon collections to their Google account.

Emoti’s git repository can be found here.


Legimap.net – Legimap is a d3.js powered map of NC legislative districts. It serves as an infographic designator of NC’s political split between districts, as well as illustrating the extent of NC’s  gerrymandering problems. Users can click on the map to select their district. When a district is selected representative information, such as email, address, and phone number, are displayed to encourage users to communicate with their legislators.

Legimap’s github repository is available here.

League of Legends Stats Extension – The LoL Stats Extension expands the League of Legends stats webpage through a Chrome Extension. This extension injects a content script into the League of Legend’s match history page in order
to generate a timestamped list of player kills, turret destructions, and monster slayings. The kill list is particularly useful for those looking to create video clips and montages of their gameplay
as it allows players to quickly find certain events in replays.

The project’s github page is here. (This project is no longer supported, so only the Github page is available)

Nerd Roller – Inspired by a long set of turns in a recent D&D campaign, I decided to write a quick and dirty little Chrome extension to roll my dice. No frills, no worries, right?

The project’s github page is here.